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You will have a good chance at a fair deal if you buy local in Utah.  The used pallet racking dealers are solid looking, but for large orders, you might want to compare the deal with out of state used rack sellers.

If you are down by St George or Cedar City, you are in a good spot to price-check in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Salt Lake City, Ogden and Provo....this is a different story.
If you are talking about truckloads of used pallet rack, you want to call every dealer in the nation for the best deal. 
Realistically, though, Denver is the best place to start.
Then follow the southwest path to California and Arizona.
Write down what you need, then email multiple dealers for the best price!!
How tall? (upright height)
How wide? (beam length)
How deep? (upright depth)
Weight Capacity per shelf?
Number of shelves per bay?
Zip Code for delivery?
If the dealers in your state can't help, email your nearby states!
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Used Pallet Rack Utah
In Utah you can pick from several used pallet racking dealers in areas like Salt Lake City, Provo and West Valley City. Talk to several companies to find out whether or not their used warehouse shelving systems will work for your specific requirements. There are varying load capacities and different amounts of storage space available with each type of system. You might have to look out of state in Colorado or Nevada for a wider range of options like high density shelving. Used racks are also usually substantially lower in price than new racks, but when you purchase out of state you can expect to pay more for shipping.

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Used Pallet Racking Utah