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TP Supply

Rack Guy

P. Strouth LLC

Pallet Rack World (website)

Carolina Material Handling (website)

Andrews and Hamilton Co.

Warehouse Equipment Direct

Equipment Safety Specialists

Reeves Store Fixtures
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Used Pallet Racking in North Carolina

North Carolina has a lot of used Racking dealers, good ones, too!

The whole east coast is actually filled with metal movers.  Try to find your pallet rack locally, though, as the bordering states probably won't offer the same deals you'll find in Greensboro, Hickory and Mt Airy.

If none of these guys can fill your order, try Florida, Atlanta or Baltimore for full truckload and volume discounts.
Write down what you need, then email multiple dealers for the best price!!
How tall? (upright height)
How wide? (beam length)
How deep? (upright depth)
Weight Capacity per shelf?
Number of shelves per bay?
Zip Code for delivery?
If the dealers in your state can't help, email your nearby states!
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Used Pallet Rack North Carolina
In North Carolina, you can find several high quality used pallet racking options for your material handling needs in regions like Charlotte and Raleigh. These companies often sell both new and used warehouse shelving and you can easily compare prices on both if you call ahead of time. You might even consider looking at out state at dealers in South Carolina or Virginia, just be aware of the extra transportation charges that most companies will tack onto your quote. To save more money, you can buy used racks in the state and the charges will often be minimal. Make sure that you get as much information as you can about the full cost before making a final decision on racking.
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