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Curtis Bay:

Storage and Distribution Sysytems (website)
(mostly new)
ADC Installers (website)
(no physical address, but I think he's legit)
(MD area code, trucks with ADC logo...)

Alliance Material Handling
(also 'AMH lift' ?)

Everything Warehouse
All used pallet racking dealers, info and sales
-Don't forget to check craigslist (website)
-See if there is a Racking liquidation
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I could only find four dealers in Maryland who handle used pallet racking...but they are big dealers....I, um...found them in NY, NJ, FL...these guys are all over Google, which usually means they can ship racks. and still have a great price.

Usually having a yard or warehouse in a big city like Baltimore is too expensive, so the dealers will be just outside city limits, or wherever commercial real estate is cheaper.  Washington D.C. would be a comical place to see a pallet rack yard.

Used Pallet Racking Maryland

Baltimore and Washington D.C.

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Write down what you need, then email multiple dealers for the best price!!
How tall? (upright height)
How wide? (beam length)
How deep? (upright depth)
Weight Capacity per shelf?
Number of shelves per bay?
Zip Code for delivery?
If the dealers in your state can't help, email your nearby states!
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Used Pallet Rack Maryland
There are several used pallet racking dealers in Maryland that you can choose from if you are shopping for new or used racks including options in Baltimore, Columbia and Silver Spring. If you are trying to save the most money possible on used warehouse shelving you will need to call several different companies and compare quotes. Find out what they include with their quotes and be sure that you aren’t charged extra for shipping without knowing about it upfront. If you decide to buy used pallet racks in a nearby area like Washington D.C. or Pennsylvania, be aware that there are extra charges for out of state shipping in most cases.
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