---A forklift can 'drive into' the pallet racking via "lanes" or "bays"..
---There aren't cross-beams with shelves, as in selective/standard pallet racking.
---The pallets rest on load rails or channels, and are supported on both sides (but not in the front or back).
---The pallets can be store back-to-back, removing aisleways, therefore greatly increasing space.
---"order pickers" or "sideways seat stacker" style lifts are helpful because the view is not obstucted when you back out.
Liquidations from all liquidators!

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Drive-in rack is a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) storage.

Drive-in rack takes a great deal of abuse, more than any other style of pallet rack.   I mean, c'mon, you're driving a forklift through the racking, and you WILL scrap and hit the racking.  Get strong steel or a great forklift driver.
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