Used Carton Flow Rack

Liquidations from all liquidators!

All legitimate used pallet rack dealers, local and nationwide.
Used Carton Flow Rack is a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) storage.

Boxes are picked from the front and stocked from the back.

Carton flow racks can be converted from standard teardrop uprights, or they can be stand-alone units.

If you can't find used runways, you can still get used uprights, then buy new runways.  This will save you a few bucks.
Carton Flow Rack uses gravity to feed cartons.

Boxes are fed into the back of an inclined shelf, or 'runway', with rollers. 

When the box/carton in the front is removed, the boxes behind it it flow down to the front.
This is basically the same thing as gravity flow pallet rack...but carton sized!
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