A cantilever, by definition, is a beam that is anchored on one end.  The beams, called arms, are anchored to an upright post, called an upright or tower.

Cantilever systems are perfect for storage and handling of longer items, like lumber, piping/tubing, steel bars and sheet metal.
It is also great for unpaletized items like plywood, as a (fork)lift can grab and lift the item without the impedement of a shelf or support bar.  It an easy access storage system for forklift or manual unloading.

Both rolled and structural steel forms are available.   Structrual will usually be the superior product, due to it's strength.  Structural racking, made from hot steel, comes in I-beams and C-channels.
For many application rolled rack will do, as the load is distributed between many arms
There are four basics components of a cantilever system, but many accessories are available.

Arms - There are two basic types of cantilever arm; Straight Arms and Inclined (or Slant) Arms.

Uprights - Also called towers or verticals.Accessories includeBases - Attached to the base of the upright.  These are structurally neccesary, but also act as you bottom (and strongest) arm.

Bracing - X-Braces and Horizontal Braces.  These provide lateral stability, and determine the distance between the Uprights
Cantilever Racking is commonly refered as:
-Lumber Racking
-Pipe Racking
-Bar Storage Racking

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