Used Pallet Racking Alabama


Warehouse Equipment and Supply CO. (website)
(new only) (also Mobile and Huntsville locations)

Southern Handling Systems (website)
(Mostly new, but they offer used equipment)
Proper respect to anyone selling racking in Alabama, because it's hard.

Surrounded by used pallet racking GIANTS in Florida, Texas and Georgia, Alabama is a tough nut to crack.

Birmingham and Montgomery are too close to Atlanta to NOT check the used rack price.

There is only one dealer in Tennessee, but that means they might have cornered  the market there.  If you are in the Huntsville area, you should this mom-n-pop-looking warehouse shelving dealer. 

If you are in Mobile, New Orleans and Houston are the places to check.  Most Florida dealers are in the Southern half of the state, but there is a dealer in Jacksonville.

Who Sells used Pallet Racking in Alabama?

Mobile, Huntsville, Montgomery, Birmingham

All used pallet racking dealers, info and sales
-Don't forget to check craigslist (website)
-See if there is a Racking liquidation
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Finding (Warehouse Shelving in Alabama) can be a daunting task, especially with sales competition in Florida, Georgia, and Texas. Unfortunately, the dealers in Montgomery and Birmingham primarily sell new equipment, but you can take a look for Used Pallet Racking in Atlanta, Georgia, where the market is quite a bit denser, and your shipping rates to Birmingham and Montgomery will be less expensive than trying to import from further away. If you’re setting up your location closer to Huntsville, checking out the Tear Drop Shelving dealer in Tennessee is a great idea. High Density Shelving for locations in Mobile is best found through dealers in New Orleans, Houston, or Jacksonville. Finding your options for Widespan Rack is that much easier, though, when you are using a simple, straightforward directory like (

Write down what you need, then email multiple dealers for the best price!!
How tall? (upright height)
How wide? (beam length)
How deep? (upright depth)
Weight Capacity per shelf?
Number of shelves per bay?
Zip Code for delivery?
If the dealers in your state can't help, email your nearby states!
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